Infowedge & carbonBLU

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Sacramento based company carbonBLU.  This move will allow us to better support our existing clients, and provide them with a large suite of creative and marketing services. A long time collaborator on infoWedge projects, carbonBLU is a trusted service provider and a rising force in California.

Apart from SaaS offerings, carbonBLU provides data collection and emissions testing services. carbonBLU has systems in place to automate data analysis, warehouse data and develop valuable data products.

Andrew Burnette, president of infoWedge, will be heading up the carbonBLU Testing Services team. Andrew’s 30-year career includes consulting with public and private sector clients to study the effects of mobile source emissions, developing regulations to reduce air pollution and helping to bring new fuel efficiency and pollution reduction products to market. For the past 15-years he has specialized in deployment of in-use testing or lab testing using portable emissions and activity measurement systems, development of client emissions lab capabilities, and grant writing.

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