About infoWedge

Founded in 2008 by Andrew Burnette. (For LinkedIn® profile click HERE.)

  • 20-years as consultant to agencies that develop domestic and international mobile source pollution control policy
  • Extensive network in federal and state environmental agencies
  • Engineer, researcher and inventor


    Our corporate goals are to cost-effectively:

  • diversify transport energy sources away from petroleum; and
  • increase transport efficiency.


    We achieve these goals by helping clients:

  • reduce regulatory compliance costs;
  • lower barriers to market entry;
  • obtain rock-solid marketing data; and
  • present their technology in understandable and compelling ways.



    Latest News


    A confidential client has retained infoWedge president, Andrew Burnette, as an expert witness in an accidental death lawsuit.  The case involves the carbon monoxide poisoning of a fork lift operator.  If the case goes to court Mr. Burnette will provide testimony on the industry standards of emissions controls for similar equipment and will explain the technical concepts in terms a lay audience (the jury) will easily understand.


    Bluefield Holdings has hired infoWedge to measure the efficiency of a new sea water scrubber being used to reduce emissions from 2.5 MW auxiliary engines on a container ship in the Port of Los Angeles. The scrubber is a new design that may be suitable for reducing emissions enough to allow ships to avoid using shore power while they are berthed in Southern California. Emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants will be measured simultaneously before and after the scrubber to assess its performance during loading and unloading of cargo.


    A confidential client has hired infoWedge to compare and real-world emissions and fuel consumption of two, competing plug-in hybrid electric passenger cars. The vehicles are being driven in Southern California traffic as their emissions and activity are measure to give the client real-world data to base marketing efforts upon.

    UC Riverside College of Engineering - Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) teamed with infoWedge to perform a ground-breaking study on activity and emissions from hybrid powered dozer tractors and excavators in California and to compare their real-world activity, fuel consumption, and emissions to conventional, diesel-powered equipment. Click HERE to learn more about the program.


    We were privileged to have been hired by Edison2, the winner of the Progressive Insurance Automotive XPrize, as their emissions control expert during the contest. We led a fantastic team in designing the pollution control system for their "Very Light Car," which won the $5M "mainstream" category.


    Alternative Motive Power Systems (AMPS) teamed with infoWedge to perform emissions testing on a hybrid-electric, gen set switcher locomotive. They are developing the new switcher under a grant from Texas' New Technology Research and Development (NTRD) program.




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